May 11, 2019

Construction & Dismantle

Demolishing, dismantling, packing and re-erecting

In the construction industry, demolishing and dismantling an old structures is just as important as building new ones. We specialize in dismantling of factories in the way that suits best for our client. Either it goes to scrap yard or for re-erection. In case of re-erection, marking, archiving and packing is done by us as well.

Our teams have dismantled and packed big complicated equipment, using light and heavy machinery.  It makes it easy to find out in which order the client needs the containers on the re-erection site.

Cutting big tanks, equipment or structures is a common thing to do in our business. Gas cutters, mechanics, excavator operators, electritions, welders, forklift drivers, crane slingers, auxiliary workers, equipment packers, carpenters – specialists, who are needed in almost every dismantling project.

Our several innovative and dedicated project managers will help to accomplish your goals!

We can offer different ways of cooperation – project based or workers rental.
References regarding our previous works can be received upon request.

Dismantling buildings

Dismantling involves the careful deconstruction of building components for repair, re-use, re-purposing or recycling. Dismantling differs from deconstruction in that it can be undertaken as a means of conservation, maintenance and repair works, whereas deconstruction involves taking a building down, albeit in a careful way that aims to minimise waste and maximise re-use. Dismantling also differs from demolition in that it does not generally involve the clearance of an entire structure.

Dismantling can be required on projects where it is necessary to remove intricate components, where there is a safety risk (for example if a structure contains asbestos or other hazardous materials), where it is necessary to move a component from one place to another, or where the structure and/or surrounding environment is particularly sensitive.

The cost and time required for dismantling depends on factors such as; complexity, volume, site conditions, building type, time availability, materials and techniques used, available records and so on.

According to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM Regulations), all dismantling work should be carefully planned and carried out by competent professionals to avoid unplanned structural collapse.