July 3, 2018

E-Waste In Bangladesh & Dhaka Report 2018

E-Waste In BangladeshE-Waste In Bangladesh Is an upcoming problem. In recent few years the result of increasing access to technology and the rapid growth of the Bangladesh economy, a market has been emerged for computers, many type of consumer electronics and home appliances. This emerging market has been developed in the amount of local consumer electronics products in the market and the result is increase in the level of equipment that is being disposed of in Bangladesh and this electronic waste in reduced broken down for parts or throughout fully.

Recently this informal practice is not being bring out our safely and has became a danger for human health and also for the environment. At present stage there is a lacking of awareness about the topic of general population, in government and also private companies. Electronic waste means E-waste In Dhaka may be defined as all secondary electronic products including computers, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, land phones, and other types of products like televisions, and refrigerators, whether sold, donated, or decided by their main owners. The situation of E-waste every year in Bangladesh generates roughly 2.7 million metric ton e-waste In Dhaka Bangladesh.

E-Waste In BangladeshAs a result cancer, asthma, nerves breakdown, hearing problem, infant mortality, and disable baby birth has been increasing day by day. It’s not only effect on human body but also has many environmental impacts. Air pollutions, water pollution, land pollutions is a great threat for wildlife. In our country more than 14 present of children are died in processing e-waste and many other children are attracted by toxic gas its put then long time suffering in different type of illness. Disposal of e waste without appropriate measures can causes damage environment by pollutions. A lickings of awareness resulting from a lack of enable information relating to the recycling of those expired products can exploited people health.

E-waste is threatening the soil content of our farming land as a result the gross rate of crops decrease day by day. The problems develops if this e-waste is dumped in landfill sites, there are no laws in place relating the safe disposal of e-waste In bangladesh.There is no system or institution to monitoring the dumping electronic products. If the e-waste cannot be control even it can causes a serious problem for human and animal and also environment. Till now no one took effective steps for stopping e waste or disposal of this sludge.

If we want to free our country from e waste we need to take some necessary step to stop polluting environment. We need to inventory of e waste of Bangladesh in largest cities. We need to develop e waste policy and guideline .Need to established effective collection system. Need to be aware the people about the harmful effect of e waste. Not only government can stop the e waste problem. We all need to be aware about this. Than we can protect us and environment free from the bad effect of e waste.