September 5, 2015

Our E-Waste Managing Process

We have highly advanced techniques and a team of meticulous professionals, they assist us in developing processes that can effectively take care of all scrap disposal needs. Our processes and techniques have been strictly designed around the industry guidelines and norms.

Recycling defines collecting, manufacturing, and selling or buying of new products made from what once was thought of as waste. Recycling is an ideal process, which helps to conserve the earth’s natural resources. Recycling also reduces litter and the costs of solid e-waste disposal.

E-wastage is damaging to the environment and makes massive irrevocable harm to the environment. We strive to collect and separate electric and electronics waste and recycle back to its original form. We provide advanced and one stop electronic waste recycling and processing solutions which yield high quality output and make the most of our customer returns. Our one stop solutions confirm to the highest environmental, health and safety standards by DOE.

Following are the steps involved in e-waste handling

  1. Collection of e-waste material from premises and safe transportation to our process facilities.
  2. Sorting
  3. Identify Usefulness
  4. Identify hazardousness
  5. Dismantling
  6. Segregation
  7. Treatment / Disposal

For treatment we follow Department of Environment(DOE) & Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission(BTRC) guidelines and we do our best to follow international practices in our facility.