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Importance of Having an ITAD Strategy for Your Business in the Digital Age

Importance of Having an ITAD Strategy for Your Business in the Digital Age

Information technology asset disposition (ITAD) is a term used for a growing industry that provides solutions for organizations handling surplus volumes of IT assets and computer equipment. Firms that specialize in ITAD provide secure data destruction services, along with ancillary services such as secure logistics, a chain of custody documentation, data destruction certificate issuance, and environmentally-friendly data disposal, to ensure that organizations remain compliant with state data disposal laws.

ITAD Ensures Proper Data Destruction to Protect Your Company

In today’s world, data is currency. Entire global corporations are built on the basic premise of data collection. Hence, with the increased value of data comes to an increased responsibility to ensure that your company handles it safely. Improper hard drive disposal can result in data breaches, which can cost your company in a variety of ways. It is estimated that the average cost of a data breach is around $4 million, but that number almost doubles in the healthcare sector.

Several unintended consequences can arise from unethical IT disposals, such as the exploitation of child labor in under-developed countries and environmentally damaging landfill use. Services like hard drive shredding can ensure your company is safe from data breaches, not to mention the ethical implications of the alternatives.

Key Considerations in the ITAD Strategy

The main concern when disposing of hardware containing sensitive data is sanitation. If your business stores confidential client information or sensitive company secrets on its drives, data sanitation errors could be costly. It is common for data wiping to be used for sanitizing devices, and a certificate is usually given to confirm the procedure was satisfactorily carried. Before computers, bank statements and other customer records would necessarily be shredded before hitting the trash, and the same should apply to digital data.

The environment is typically your next concern. Ecologically friendly disposal is not only ethical, but many industries even regulate how equipment is disposed of. Identify where your equipment’s base materials end up, whether it will be shred, and what types of components end up in landfills. 

Data breaches as well as the environment are important considerations when performing an IT refresh. Your next goal should be to maximize the value of each unit. There is often a residual value in your used assets that a strong sales channel will pay a premium for.  The more directly connected to the end-user your ITAD management team is, the more your business will generally recoup.

Lastly, your ITAD strategy is a plan for the future. Your business can keep hardware up-to-date, manage IT budgets more clearly, and implement future purchase strategies much earlier if it has an IT asset disposition policy in place.

It is inevitable that every business eventually decides what to do with its old, surplus, or obsolete IT equipment. Technology expiration management vendors are trusted to handle expired technology safely and responsibly. By choosing the right solution, your company can minimize corporate risk, contribute to an environmentally sustainable economy, maximize returns, and establish a strategic advantage.

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