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Jr Recycling Solutions Ltd Allows Businesses to Recover the Value of Their Mobile Phones

Jr Recycling Solutions Ltd Allows Businesses to Recover the Value of Their Phones

Did you know that the total number of mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh now stands at 184.4 million? Although the number of mobile users is high, the majority of people in the country don’t recycle their phones.

Almost half of all mobile phone users purchase more than one phone and discard one, producing a significant amount of e-waste each year. According to a survey in 2021, approximately 10,504 tonnes of e-waste was produced in Bangladesh by mobile handsets only. And just 3% of the total electronic wastage produced in Bangladesh is recycled; the remainder is disposed of in landfills, rivers, etc. 

Worldwide, only 12-15% of mobile phones and tablets are properly recycled, which is much lower than the recycling rate of general e-waste. According to experts, there are 16 billion mobile phones in use across the globe, and more than five billion of them are expected to be discarded in 2022.

However, some major phone manufacturers provide recycling and take-back services for their goods, including Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Moreover, Sony and Motorola are also taking initiatives toward mobile recycling. As part of a bigger initiative to promote mobile phone recycling, Nokia ran one of the biggest ads in the world. There are 350+ “Nokia Care” locations worldwide where people may drop off their unwanted phones, and Nokia will pick them up and recycle them.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling

The majority of old or undesirable gadgets are hoarded, abandoned, or burnt despite the fact that they contain valuable gold, copper, silver, palladium, and other recyclable components, posing a serious risk to human health and the environment. When hazardous substances like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and bromine are discharged into the environment, they end up in the soil where they gradually contaminate water supplies and landfills.

The rare metals found in smartphones can be retrieved and utilized again. One million phones are thought to be capable of producing up to 16 tonnes of copper, 350 kilograms of silver, 34 kg of gold, and 15 kg of palladium.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Recycling

It takes approximately 1 ounce of gold to produce 79 tons of hazardous waste. Hence, Recycling cell phones not only helps preserve natural resources like gold, but it also lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on the present pace of extraction, copper and platinum are limited resources that will run out in a few years. Cell phone recycling is a practical solution to preserve these finite natural resources and save the environment.

Contribution of JR Recycling Solutions Ltd To Mobile Recycling

Currently, there are several e-waste recycling companies in Bangladesh. But JR Recycling Solutions Ltd is one of the largest and most well-established e-waste recycling organizations that enable businesses to recover the value of their mobile devices in an accredited and sustainable manner.

The firm recycles mobile phones using scientific techniques. Plus, JR Recycling Solutions Ltd has taken on the responsibility to teach its staff how to sort and separate e-waste properly. And because of this, its recovery rate is highly encouraging.

Mobile devices can hold incriminating data. However, the company’s data destruction and processing techniques are forensically verified to mitigate any risk, so that enterprises can recycle devices with complete confidence and documented assurance. JR Recycling Solutions Ltd also provides its services to some fo the most well-known organizations in our nation, like RobiAxiata Limited, Banglalink, and the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). They allow businesses to recognize and recover the sustainable value of their mobile devices.

Moreover, the company ensures improved health and a safe environment by recovering precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, and to a lesser extent, platinum, copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, zinc, and iron.

Contribution of JR Recycling Solutions Ltd To Mobile Recycling

Due to their approach of recycling e-waste using a contemporary manner that prioritizes the environment, JR Recycling Solutions Ltd has already attracted the interest of several large international corporations. As a local partner, it works closely with the best international recycling firms to recycle e-waste, including Sims Recycling Solutions, Dynamic Recycling, Enviroserve, Umicore, Anchor Disposal, Mitsui, etc. In addition to that, JR Recycling Solutions Limited signed an agreement with Symphony Mobile for the recycling of e-wastage. The cellphone manufacturer handed over about 2,000 kg of e-waste to them for recycling purposes.

They also received assistance from the government as well. The Bangladesh Hi-tech Park authorities have allocated 2.5 acres of land in the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City to expand JR Recycling Solution’s operation.