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JR Recycling Solutions Providing Secure Telecom Equipment Recycling in Bangladesh

JR Recycling Solutions Provide Secure Telecom Equipment Recycling

The telecommunication industry requires a massive amount of electronic and electrical components, ranging from transmitters and receivers to power amplifiers, antennas, cables, DSL equipment, satellites, telephones, mobile devices, routers, modems, and mainframes, to run its day-to-day operations.

All of these devices can be disassembled and recycled into commodities. Whether these devices are operational or not, proper management of these devices is critical to ensure regulatory compliance and confidential data destruction.

Telecom Equipment Recycling Service We Provide

Since JR Recycling Solutions Ltd’s inception, sustainability has been an integral part of our vision. Whether you need to dispose your telecom network equipment or streamline inventory, our asset recovery solutions are a great option for you. Using this service, old equipment can be reused and resold, helping to reduce electronic waste, since other companies can benefit from the reuse and resale of unwanted assets.

We offer a comprehensive WEEE recycling service for equipment that has no further market value or cannot be refurbished for reuse. As part of our eco-friendly initiatives, we work with our customers to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling and reusing telecom network e-waste. With over 800 tonnes of telecom equipment recycled every year, we are able to extract a maximum residual value for component parts broken down in our WEEE recycling facilities.

Our primary objective is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Currently, we recycle 94% of all materials recovered, processing more than 800 tonnes per year. The size and scale of our telecoms asset recovery operations mean we are able to command exceptional pricing from our WEEE recycling partners which translates into the highest possible recycling yields for the customer. Please contact us to discuss your WEEE recycling needs.

Telecom Equipment Recycling Service We Provide

Types of Telecom Equipment We Recycle

JR Recycling Solutions Ltd. is an expert in WEEE category 3: IT and telecommunications equipment, and we recycle and dispose of all types of telecoms and data equipment. In addition to mainframes, networking, telecom, digital and analog broadcasting, mobile communication infrastructures, cabinets, base stations (BTS), desktop computers, peripherals, circuit boards, and cables, our services also include the destruction of storage media and hard disk drives without compromising any confidential data.

Before processing, non-hazardous materials are separated. Cardboard, aluminum, steel, and other metals are recycled and put back into use. Precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper are recovered by refining printed circuit boards, back panels, motherboards, connectors, and IC chips. CRT, LCD, and plasma monitors all contain trace amounts of lead and other heavy metals that must be processed and refined, not landfilled. Any hazardous material is removed for safe recovery.

Types of Telecom Equipment We Recycle

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We are among the leading providers of telecoms and corporate recycling solutions. Our clientele includes some of the biggest names in the industry such as DHL, Banglalink, and Robi. 
  • Any data left on a device will be securely wiped without leaving a trace – our secure data wiping and destruction service offers certified data erasure as well as hard drive shredding options.
  • All items are disposed of safely and responsibly with minimal environmental impact – we maintain high environmental standards and industry best practices for safe and responsible WEEE recycling, and all activities are carried out in accordance with regulatory legislation.