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Recycle E-wastes That Your Business Generates With JR Recycling Solutions Ltd.

Recycle E-wastes That Your Business Generates With JR Recycling Solutions Ltd.

The global E-waste Recycling market was valued at $1.190 million in 2017 and will reach $1.920 million by the end of 2025, according to the “E-waste Recycling Market With detail Analysis of industry Size, Share, Recycling Technologies, Top Key Vendors and 2025 Growth Forecast [Period] Report.”

There are multiple companies in Bangladesh that are actively participating in the e-waste recycling of our country. Among them, JR Recycling Solutions Ltd is one of the growing companies that offer complete destruction of all drives through their in-house shredder that will grind and chop it into small pieces, making it impossible for someone else to recover personal information. Apart from that, they responsibly recycle all kinds of e-waste. Let’s dive into what JR Recycling Solutions Ltd is currently offering for the IT business industry, mobile manufacturers, etc. 

E-Waste Recycling 

In collaboration with various telecommunication operator companies, Government Institutions, High Communications & Embassies, etc., we have successfully performed e-waste segregation and separation activities of old, unused, used, and obsolete WEEE. From the enormous amount of electrical and electronic waste we collect every year, we recycle/reuse PCB waste and export it to China and other countries.

E-Waste Recycling 

Demand and Supply

We are among the best Bangladeshi exporters of salvaged materials from recycled e-wastes. We specialize in accelerating and optimizing the supply chains of IT products, food, feed, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. From analysis to implementation, we use proven solutions and concepts. Handover occurs after you reach your business goals and are completely satisfied.

Data Destruction 

Both digital and hard copy formats are used by most businesses to collect and store personal identification information. Without properly destroying private material on computers, disk drives, memory cards, and cell phones, criminals can discover personal and confidential information that they can use for identity theft. As a result, it is necessary to destroy or completely delete all of the data on these devices. The degaussing process permanently erases data from hard drives, tapes, and floppy disks, both working and non-working. A powerful magnetic pulse is delivered during degaussing, which instantly destroys all magnetic domains on disk platters, thereby eradicating all data on the media. Only we provide the most secure Data Destruction solutions for hard drives, tapes, and pen drives. We use the best-in-class NAS-approved equipment for Data Elimination – Garner Degausser HD-2.

What Can Bangladeshi Companies Do To Ensure Secure Data Destruction?

IT Asset Disposition and Refurbishment

Our certified technicians provide comprehensive repair and refurbishment services for the full spectrum of IT products down to the component level, including server, storage, broadband, laptop, desktop, monitor, laptop, desktop, circuit, printer, projector, and keyboard. 

IT asset disposition focuses on the following:

  • Securing data: Old hardware may still contain data, so ITAD providers follow best practices for thorough data deletion. Storage devices are securely wiped.
  • Recycling and reusing devices: ITAD providers dispose of numerous types of used hardware, including desktops, laptops, servers, phones, and tablets. Items such as RAM sticks or video cards can be harvested and reused in other products or recycled.
  • Repairing hardware: ITAD services may also offer repair options for hardware so that organizations can repurpose their equipment.

IT asset disposition vendors typically provide the following services:

  • Asset Management
  • Data Center Decommissioning
  • Data Erasure
  • Hard Drive Shredding
  • Refurbishing
  • Repair and Return