September 5, 2015

The Executive Team

Mr. M A Hossain (Jewel)

Managing Director , studied Masters in Accounting and Business Administration, Mr. M A Hossain (Jewel) is working for last 10 years in the field of Stock lot and E-Waste Management System and has a special interest to work on environmental issues. He played a vital role within the company and one of the leading person to introduce e-waste management system in our country. He is also involved in shaping and introducing new projects for the Kingshuk Shamabaya Shamity for last 15 Years. Currently He was Joint Secretary Role for the Kingshuk Shamabaya Shamity Ltd. Now he is Secretary of LION Club of Dhaka, Kingshuk.
Mobile : +880 1713 368 998 , +880 1885998777
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Iftiakh Hossain

Director of Global communication, Studies EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) at University Technology Malaysia (UTM).
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Mr. Arkesh Ali Hossain

General Manager, Mr. Arkesh Ali Hossain , has 37 years of service experience both in National and International Companies. Last 21 years he had been served as Head of Marketing and Sales in Bangladesh for an European Company. At the Same time he is one of the Director of Kingshuk Bahumukhi Samabaya Samity Ltd. He Was Chairman of Kingshuk Bahumukhi Samabaya Samity Ltd from 09.09.2012 to 03.01.2017. On that Period he leads The Samity Successfully in making plan and policy along with administration.

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Mr. Monirul Islam

Head Of Accounts, Mr. Monirul Islam, is highly experience about Accountancy. studied Masters in Commerce has more than 15 years of solid and extensive experience in all kinds of official Accountancy. He was working in BRAC as a Accountant Manager from 1998 to 2007.

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Mr. Mosarof Hossain Tutul

Head Of Operation, Mr. Mosarof Hossain Tutul, is highly experience about E Waste Recycling Process. studied Bachelor in Commerce has more than 20 years of solid and extensive experience in all kinds of Recycling Process.
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MD. Shajahan Miah

Manager of ICT Department, Mr.Shajahan miah is highly experience of  ICT consulting, ICT security management, Data security and system analysis . Studied Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering has more than 15 years of solid and extensive experience in all kind of ICT and Data Security management. 

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Implementation Team

E-Waste In Bangladesh

Scraping and Loading-unloading Worker:

We have skilled labors to load and unload sensitive and fragile items. Also they are expert of handling Telecommunication Equipment.


The security team plays a very important roll in our Scraping Work. A pool of skilled and experienced security personnel works hard to ensure the security of the products that we distribute to the place as per our customers’ requirement.