September 5, 2015

We aim to

  • ewaste_pile1Become a center of excellence for electronic waste recycling
  • Recover maximum resources from electronic waste and minimize landfill
  • Adopt cleaner technologies and best practices and strive for continual improvement
  • Adopt measures for the prevention of air, water & soil pollution
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to all persons working under the control of our organization by providing adequate facilities.
  • Committed to prevent injury, and ill health and strive for continual improvement in overall occupational health & safety performance.
  • Comply with all applicable Environmental and Health and Safety legislation and other requirement.
  • Equip the employees with the information, instruction, training supeNision and proper PPE’s to ensure Environment awareness and also their health and safety.
  • Conduct audits, mock drills and periodic health monitoring to ensure compliance with Health & Safety management requirement.

This policy will be communicated to all the persons working under the control of organizations, interested parties and shall be regularly reviewed.