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What Can Bangladeshi Companies Do To Ensure Secure Data Destruction?

What Can Bangladeshi Companies Do To Ensure Secure Data Destruction?

It is essential to understand that deleting data does not necessarily mean destroying it. It is possible to recover or restore deleted data from both used and unused devices. So, data destruction is essential to ensure the inaccessibility of critical data. The process of permanently erasing data from a system is referred to as data destruction, which is very similar to data sanitization. It is also important to ensure that the data has been destroyed securely.

Data destruction methodologies, such as software, are crucial to destroy or erasing data. Ultimately, data could be irretrievable from any sort of devices.

Why is Data Destruction Important for Business?

According to studies published in 2012, the world will generate so much digital data by the year 2020 that every person on Earth will have access to 5.2 TB of data. It is estimated that 90% of all data in the world has been created within the past two years, as the Internet of Things (IoT) has boomed.

Data destruction should be taken extremely seriously by corporations when they remove end-of-life devices. Despite the fact that large corporations are still experiencing data breaches on a regular basis, businesses often throw out the hard drives along with the electronic devices that are no longer needed. It does not necessarily mean that the data itself is useless just because the device it is stored on is no longer needed. Deleted data can still be retrieved even after it has been erased. Unfortunately, utilizing software to delete data does not always guarantee permanent eradication.

Data destruction should be a part of any company’s data management strategy, to secure the company’s and its client’s data from potential theft. As this data is easy for thieves and hackers to mine, it may result in costly data breaches. Hence, it is critical that the data must be erased in such a way that it is unrecoverable.

Data Destruction Techniques

Data destruction can be accomplished in three ways: degaussing, physical destruction, and overwriting.

Data destruction can be accomplished in three ways: degaussing, physical destruction, and overwriting.

1.  Degaussing

Data can be destroyed by degaussing with specialized magnets. Magnetic data storage devices such as hard disks, are the only media that are compatible with this technique. The degaussing device disrupts the magnetic fields in the drives. By damaging the magnetic storage system, the degaussing technique irreversibly destroys the drive. Therefore, the drive cannot be reused in the future.

2. Physical Destruction

A drive can be physically disposed of, incinerated, crushed, or shredded. Storage devices are destroyed using this method, so that they cannot be rebuilt. This ensures that any data stored there can no longer be recovered. In the same way that degaussing damages drives irreversibly, this method ensures that the storage unit cannot be repurposed.

3. Overwriting

The existing data is overwritten with new data, which erases it. It necessitates the use of specialized software that must meet the National Cyber Security Centre’s criteria (NCSC). Depending on the sensitivity of the data, overwriting can be performed as a single wipe or during numerous wipe cycles. It is the least expensive method. However, it does not completely destroy the drive, which can be reused or sold.

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We Ensure Brand Trust 

Data breaches can have a negative impact on the trust your customers and clients have in your business after you’ve invested countless hours attracting and retaining them.  

If customer data is the foundation of your business, it’s critical to protect it, even when the device on which it’s stored is no longer needed. When you implement a comprehensive data management strategy, which includes destroying data, your customers will be able to feel safe and secure about their information. 

Free Up Office Space

Hard drives should not be stored in office spaces due to their inefficiency. Plus, they can become a security threat if they are stolen from your business premises. The only method to make better use of the valuable space you have available is to destroy unnecessary devices and data storage units. A professional and experienced team is the best solution. 

Uphold Your Reputation

As an organization that has had a public data breach will know, such an occurrence may ultimately damage a company’s brand. To avoid such occurrences that can affect the company’s reputation, it’s critical to handle data with caution. This not only protects the brand image, but also helps avoid fines and build trust. Customers’ and clients’ data is vital for every business and erasing those data when they are no longer required is equally essential to your organization.