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Data Destruction

The majority of businesses collect and store personal identifying information in both digital and hard copy formats. Without properly destroying private material on computers, disk drives, memory cards, and cell phones, criminals can discover personal and confidential information that they can use for identity theft. These devices must therefore be destroyed or completely deleted of all data. Degaussing is a method of permanently erasing data from working and non-working hard drives, tape, and floppy disks. Degaussing completely sanitizes the media of data in seconds by delivering a powerful magnetic pulse that instantly destroys all magnetic domains on the disk platters. We are only in the country to provide you the most secure Data Destruction solutions for your hard drive, Data Tape & Pen Drives.

We use world leader in Data Elimination & NAS approved Garner Degausser HD-2. Garner HD-2 Degausser(Hard Driver & Tape).

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