JR Recycling Solutions Limited.
E-Waste management & Eco Recycler.
JR Recycling Solutions Limited.
E-Waste management & Eco Recycler.


We highly concern about all the environmental and personal safety precautions.

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JR Recycling Solution Limited is the Leading E-waste Recycling company in Bangladesh.

JR Enterprise is the sister concern of JR Recycling Solutions Ltd. JR Enterprise is the E-waste Recycling company in Bangladesh. Started its journey in 2011. We highly concern about all the environmental and personal safety precautions. For safety measures and precaution, we have achieved the Local Certifications & No Objection Certifications (NOC) from the concern authority and also ISO/IEC: 27001:2013 & ISO: 14001:2015 certified.

Our Services

Recycle Here!! Plant the Seeds of Sustainability

E-Waste Recycling

We are one of the number one E-Waste Management Company in Bangladesh...


Demand & Supply

We are specialized in accelerating and optimizing IT product, food & feed and...


Data Destructions

We are only in the country to provide you the most secure Data Destruction...


Construction & Dismantle

Our trained team Construct & Dismantle all kinds of telecom network....


Green Truck

Our green truck is ready to serve 24/7. We collect e-waste from your location...


IT Asset Disposition & Refurbishment

We provide secure data disposition & refurbishment of your outdated IT assets...


Our Work Process

We cooperate with accredited collective e-waste collection systems, especially in the field of e-waste collection and transport. E-waste collection and transport from customers including kerbside collection in municipalities/e-waste transport to processors

A crucial part of e-Waste management is dismantling. Our process of opening each appliance, separating the housing from the rest, separating the parts, removing the hazardous components, and carefully categorizing other components into marketable fractions requires careful attention.

We segregate end-of-life electrical and electronic products, prise them apart, put them through the acid wash, and also burn circuit boards in the hope of extracting precious metals

The shredded e-waste is passed under a giant magnet, which is able to pull ferrous metals such as iron and steel from the mix of waste. In addition to this, an eddy current may also be used, separating the nonferrous metals. These materials can then be diverted to dedicated recycling plants for smelting.

Recycle all the e-scrap with all the environmental protection and report BTRC and DOE as per NOC requirements.



Let's Talk About Our Work For Clients

Dismantle & Completion report on Old/Unused/Obsolete/Scrap of Bangladesh Police Telecom.

E-waste dismantle process going on for Bangladesh RAB.

Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) signing moment with VIVO Bangladesh for e-waste management

MOU ceremony with Grameen Distribution Ltd for their future E-waste management.


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What Our Clients Say?

From the initial consultation to the final disposal of the waste, the team at JR recycling Ltd was excellent in every aspect. They were prompt in responding to my queries and provided a detailed explanation of their process, which put my mind at ease.

Zhon Done Customer

I highly recommend JR Recycling Company for anyone looking for reliable and environmentally sustainable e-waste recycling services. They are truly committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Katrina Grace Customer

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