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Green Truck


Green Truck

Green Truck

According to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) fact sheet, Bangladesh e-waste generator rate is growing yearly in terms of that recycling is still very low. This is alarming for all of us to start disposing of e-waste sensibly and move towards sustainable living. The Green Truck concept will help Bangladesh become more sustainable. Depending on the volumn of e-waste, e-waste will be collected from the specific vendors point of the Dhaka city. It will start from Dhaka city, and gradually, it will spread up all the major cities of Bangladesh. To adopt these practices general people need to be aware about the plant sustainability, so that they took part in the process as well. JR Enterprise has started its operation from Dhaka city. Eventually, they plan to expand to all cities in Bangladesh. Organizations from government and non-government are encouraged to participate.


  1. If you have unused or damaged wires and cables, take them to the nearest e-waste recycling center or deposit it on the e-waste bin.
  2. Don’t feed the landfills. Recycle with us!
  3. Are you looking for a one-time pick-up of your e-waste? – The green truck offers you a weekly collection of your e-waste from your doorstep. Visit our website and subscribe to our services.
  4. “With mounting volumes of production and disposal, the world faces what one recent international forum described as a mounting “tsunami of e-waste,” putting lives and health at risk.” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General.
  5. Plastics do not degrade, so they remain in the soil for a long time which adversely affects the soil’s fertility.

***Say no to single-use plastic and help protect the environment.***

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