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E-Waste Recycling


E-Waste Management

We are one of the number one E-Waste Management companies in Bangladesh. We have been successfully doing our e-waste segregation and Separation activities of old, unused, used, obsolete WEEE, Radio/Non–radio Telecom equipment with Various Telecommunication operator companies, Government Institutions, High Communications & Embassies, etc.

Every year we collect PCB waste for recycling/ reuse from these huge Electrical and Electronic wastes and export PCBA waste in China and other countries.


About E-Waste in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, with a population of over 160 million people, has a high environmental pollution loading due to high population density, urbanization, and rapid economic and technological development. Such economic growth with the emerging markets for consumer goods has created the need for enormous amounts of natural resources, imports and exports, and energy in the country.

Among consumer products, electrical and electronic equipment has become daily necessacity in our modern digital society. As information & communication technology (ICT) and electronic technology develop fast, the widespread use and replacement of such devices and equipment are commonly found in everyday life. For digitalization and urbanization, electricity has reached almost every corner of Bangladesh. Both urban and rural area students are rapidly using online platforms for education purpose. The number of people who work abroad is increasing, resulting in an increase in remittances. Mobile phone and electrical device users are increasing at an exceptional rate in Bangladesh due to all these factors. But once electrical and electronic devices reach end-of-life, they become waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) or often called electronic waste (E-Waste).